The Studio

Andy working on a mix in his analogue studio

Our bespoke analogue studio utilises a growing collection of analogue gear from reel-to-reel tape machine, analogue compressor and EQ, a great Tascam mixing console, spring reverb chamber and a whole host of instruments, mainly piano and keyboards.

We have created a really simplified version of a full recording studio suitable for recording overdubs, adding analogue effects to individual tracks, creating a coherent room sound, creating vocal effects such as tape delay and generally bringing digitally recorded music into the realm of the vintage analogue era of bands like The Stones, The Animals, The Beatles, Velvet Underground and The Kinks.

Working mostly remotely on the tracks you send, either digitally, tape or cassette, we can produce high quality finish recordings ready for mastering. Mixing music is an art form which is sometimes sterilised in the digital format of a computerised DAW. Bringing digitally recorded music into the analogue realm allows for a more organic and nuanced sound with much more richness, depth and texture.

Our spring reverb unit can be used to add flavour and context to individual tracks within your song, such as guitar solos or choruses, or we can build a room sound to help glue your track together and give it a more realistic, professional and authentic production. So whether its the raw crashing reverb sound of ska and early dub artists like King Tubby, the long lush Abbey Road Studios reverb on albums like Piper At the Gates of Dawn, Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and Odyssey and Oracle, or simply a bespoke creation especially for your music you can be sure we’ll find the perfect application.

Using reel-to-reel is more than just a fancy nostalgic gimmick. Tape delay can enhance vocals and solos, add lushness to choruses and even bring a creative edge to drums and other instruments. The added saturation and analogue warmth can set your music apart from other records and bring out some hidden subtleties.


The easiest way to work with your finished song is to send over your individual digital song elements and for me to mix and produce the track under some instruction form you in regards to panning, dominant elements, vocal effects and general song comparisons. The first thing is to get a static mix of your song or songs and once you’re happy with that we will then create the analogue effects needed to create your finished track. Remember tape isn’t an exact science and the finished track will have fluctuations in sonic qualities and the overall speed; it won’t be the exact length as the digital version. What it will have though is a unique high quality finish and subtle changes in everything feeling more glued together and all the parts sounding more like a “Record”

We generally prefer to work on a rough mix where you’ve got your song to a static and dry position ready for reverb and echo. This means we have a good idea of what you want in terms of instrument panning and loudness. All echo and reverb should be removed from your plugin chain on your DAW unless its a creative choice on a guitar amp or specific drum sound.

We have an array of analogue gear that can be utilised to create that vintage sound. Each piece of equipment, every wire and connector, every power supply and console adds some tiny amount of distortion to the tracks. Good distortion! that’s where the warmth in vintage recordings comes from.

The vintage gear is kept fully serviced so that we can be confident of getting a professional analogue sound with consistent results. All our analogue gear is checked prior to each session so you can be certain of getting files that will make your final mix so much richer.

Reel-to-reel analogue tape
4 track cassette mixer
1968 Revox A77 Quarter Inch Two Track

High quality professional tape machine giving you hi-fi sound with a great low end and that beautiful analogue tape distortion. Amazing for that 60s sound!

1983 Tascam 32 Quarter Inch Two Track

This rock solid workhorse of a recorder also runs at high speed for more polished sound to the finished mix.

1983 Tascam 38 Half Inch Eight TrackĀ 

A really great eight track multitrack tape machine recording on half inch tape. We sum and transfer your mix onto this if you require the multitracks to be analogue.

Marantz PMD 740 Four Track Cassette

A high end four track cassette machine that sounds great ! If you are working from cassette this can be utilised for session overdubs.

Tascam m30 Mixer

A rock solid eight channel mixer that has transformer inputs. Used for analogue summing before mixing to tape or running tracks through for distortion.

Vermona VSR 3.2 Vintage Spring Reverb

A lush sounding analogue reverb which is a huge part of getting the vintage sound either across the instruments or used on vocals in conjunction with tape delay.

KT – 76 (UA1176 Compressor Clone)

A nice example of a classic compressor, mostly used to compress or limit the reverb.

EQP – 76 (Pultec EQ Clone)

This copy of an ionic passive tube EQ is best used to equalise the audio before hitting the reverb chamber.