Analogue recording, mixing & session studio

Session Musician

As a session musician Andy can overdub real Piano/Keys/Organ parts on your music. He’s been a professional musician for over 20 years playing a sixties flavoured style for many bands and producers including The Draytones, Ron Ryan of Dave Clark Five fame, Stephen Street from Blur and The Smiths, the English rock, blues and soul singer Chris Farlowe as well as Stan Kybert (Oasis, Paul Weller and Liam Watson (White Strings and Supergrass). Andy can work in most genres and with some or no direction can create sympathetic parts to your music either to support what you already have or transform them with some interesting solos or riffs.

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The Gear

One thing Andy has always loved is great quality unique pianos and keyboards that are reliable and can create iconic parts for his and other peoples music. Whether its the much loved Challen upright or the VOX Continental Andy can record overdubs or backing parts to such a good standard. No less than the Beatles use the exact models that Andy has accumulated over the decades which means you can be sure of an authentic and genuine vintage sounds with no digital plug-in in sight.

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The Studio

The specially built studio is based in Sheffield (UK) can be used remotely from anywhere in the world. You create real-studio sounding recordings from your digital home or studio files using our analogue recording studio. Real tape vocal delays reminiscent of Lennon, Bowie, Pink Floyd and Donovan can elevate your music to another level while the spring reverb chamber creates a lush, warm and organic echo sound blending your individual tracks into a genuine vintage flavour.

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