Session Musician

A playlist of Keyboards Andy has recorded.
Andy Pickering Session Pianist

The Analog studio is perfect to elevate your music.
Andy on the Phillips Phillicorda

One of Andy’s specialities is piano and keyboard sessions with a studio space set up specially for recording overdubs for your songs.

Andy has been a professional keyboard player for over 20 years playing specifically 60’s style in many bands and with many producers. Every single project is different, so production techniques are completely individual to the clients needs which will be discussed prior to recording.

If you’re using Andy this is recorded in-studio and the digital files will be sent back to you. You can either then mix these yourself or send the whole lot back to us for us to work on.

Andy prides himself on having a good ear for creating parts but can also play parts written specifically for a given song. With todays technology we can work on songs remotely sent online and usually take just a single session with some ideas agreed before he starts recording, or it’s possible record some variations if you’re not sure exactly what you want. So whether you want Hammond organ, Vox combo organ, real upright piano, jazzy electric piano, fun ragtime style or some bluesy sounds….. Andy can produce what you need.

Every project is different so production techniques are completely tailored to each artist producing unique and individual recordings. A discussion and bit of back and forth prior to recording is all it takes.

The Keys Used In AP Studios

Joe Montague Session Drummer

We can also out-source drums and percussion using the amazing Joe Montague who is behind the excellent All You Need Is Drums site where he records and produces “the Ringo sound”. We have a close working relationship and many of my customer use Joe for their drums and percussion. Andy and Joe have a good close working relationship having collaborated and hired as session musician on each other projects for a number of years. Joe has a similar ethos to Andy and his analogue drum recording studio compliments Andy’s perfectly.

Like Andy, Joe can create bespoke parts for your songs to replace a real or virtual drummer you are not happy with. Joe has a a lot of experience and can work in many genres. If you are unsure what your song needs then Joe can create a part for you but he can also work to brief mimicking a previous drummers part or recording a real version of your programmed or virtual drums. Having Joe on-hand and working closely with Andy means the project can seamlessly progress without communication or sound problems.