The Summer’s Coming Back

Here’s a song that I couldn’t finish for four years. Which as a songwriter, I guess that’s actually pretty normal. As you get older you can have so many ideas sitting there, like they’re on a bench waiting for a turn.

One day recently I was in the car listening to “The Best Of The Turtles”  Standard… Then one of my favourite tunes came on “Elenore”. I kinda thought hmm this verse is a bit like rhythm wise that tune I’ve been working on, then it explodes into this big chorus! And I was like YES this is my direction for this song.

I always felt the verse in my song was strong (That I wrote after watching “Love and Mercy” The Brian Wilson Biopic) and that a chorus couldn’t live up-to it. I got behind my piano and started writing with that big chorus in mind and almost immediately there it was!

What I love about songwriting is you get ideas from things you love, but then when it’s all finished it becomes its own thing that is yours and….The wheel keeps turning.

I got a fantastic opportunity when Director Max Voyse contacted me out of the blue, he had written a treatment to do a music video for this particular song. I jumped at the chance and together with his team the video was shot in the Peak District.


Andy x

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