The Telmos Enter Toe Rag!


A big dream of mine for over 10 years was to record at Toe Rag in London. The all out vintage 60’s time warp recording studio. It’s like a cross between Abbey Road and Joe Meek!

This year the decision was made to do another EP, but this time without producing it myself in my own studio. I think the last one worked great as a starting point and a sample of what is possible, however we needed something special that is beyond what I can do.¬† We also didn’t want to go somewhere for someone to just press record. So we needed a suitable studio and more importantly a producer who knows the type of music we are making. After contacting Toe Rag at the end of the summer and locking in four days to do four songs we took time out from gigs and started work towards the recording in October.

I’m not sure anywhere in the world is more suitable for us than working with¬†Liam Watson (The White Stripes, The Zutons, Temples, Supergrass, Metronomy) in this iconic studio. The sessions went great and we got everything down we needed, having Liam produce us was an amazing experience and we cannot wait to put this record out SOON!>……

Andy x


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